About us

“Swiss for Greece” is an open group of young people who have set up an aid project with the JUSESO team of the Catholic Church of Thurgau. We are committed to help people in need in Greece. Our goal is to improve their living conditions. Through our personal presence and donations, they are able to experience new vitality and zest for life as well.

In our involvement in Greece, we can personally gather deep impressions and experiences. At the same time we benefit ourselves.


Surname First Name
Bachmann Lorena
Dedaj Gabriela
Eggmann Nico
Egloff Murielle
Eisenegger Michael
Gähler Simon
Hut Michaela
Marques Alves Lhoirrany
Perkovic Anita
Scherrer Daniel
Steiner Ciara
Tobler Shannon
Zürcher Michael

From left to right: Andrea, Anastasia, Müri, Michi E., Lola, Nico, Shannon, Simon, Elena, Melina, Däni
Skyros 2019