Day 1

Skyros 2019 · 6. Oktober 2019

Our first full day on the island of Skyros has begun. After a rich breakfast prepared by Karin, we are strengthened for the day. At 11:00 a.m. we are picked up by the bus and start an island tour. Apart from many beautiful impressions, which are of course captured in photos, we also get a lot of exciting information about the island Skyros from Karin. At the harbour we all have a fine lunch together. The waiter even put on our shirt “Swiss for Greece” from last year!

In the afternoon we have some hours of free time, which we spend at the beautiful and clear sea – the water temperature is even enough to take a bath. In the evening, the first highlight of the week follows before dinner: We are allowed to hand over money to a father for the necessary treatment in the hospital of his seriously injured child.
We end the evening together in the small town of Skyros. We are ready for the first work day!


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