Day 5

Skyros 2019 · 10. Oktober 2019

Distribute packages + Distribute toys

Today we bring the prepared packages of food and hygiene items to the people in need. The first woman we visit lives alone in a very small apartment. She retires early and is very ill. She is very grateful for the package. Next it goes to a man who lives together with his brother. His health is not good either. The third package goes to a single mother. Unfortunately these people get little help from outside, so they are all happy and grateful for the packages.

We have also brought various cuddly toys to the crèche. So the four of us including Silvia went out. We had 2 boxes which we could unload. We opened the boxes with the teddy’s inside and about 15 children had a lot of fun! They laughed, clapped and played together afterwards. It was very nice to see how the children could get involved and thanked everyone.

-Shannon, Melina, Elena, Anastasia

Finishing the sandboxes

This morning the whole team met in the kindergarten in Molos. Since Andrea, Nico and Daniel dug the hole for the sandbox the night before, we could start right away. Everybody helped and assembled the sandpit. It was sanded, painted and screwed. Just in time for the break the children could watch us finish everything and start playing right away. In the afternoon we filled the other sandpit with the remaining sand. Little by little several children’s chairs came to light which have to be repaired. Of course we also did that.

-Michi E., Lola, Andrea

Nico is everywhere on the way

In the morning he helped to finish the sandbox in the kindergarten in Molos. Yesterday he dug the hole with Andrea and Däni and screwed the frame together. After the frame he helped to spread the sand and to dig it in. After that he went to the crib, because they got a new PC, a printer and a telephone. Together with Silvia he tried to understand the mess of cables and make everything work. There were some difficulties but everything worked and now everything is running. In the evening he helped to transport the material for the school.


Simon creates the websites

Today, the two websites for the A.O. Skyros (football club) as well as the theatre group were created and set up as requested by the customers, so that the clubs only have to enter the content and translate some headlines.

A meeting with the representatives is planned for tomorrow to explain the function of the website tool.


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