Journey back home

Skyros 2019 · 13. Oktober 2019

After a rich breakfast and a longer waiting time in front of the lift, the last suitcases could be brought down to the lobby and directly into the bus. The weather is on our side again today. After a much shorter car ride than planned, yes it’s possible to go faster in Greece, we are back in front of the airport in Athens. We slowly get the trick for checking in and handing in our luggage. Thanks to the extra case and exact repacking, redistributing and repacking, we don’t have a gram too much. Afterwards the last shopping and catering possibilities are waiting. After a slightly delayed departure in Athens we land in Zurich and then off home. It was an intense and interesting week with a great group in Skyros, but again everyone is looking forward to home and our loved ones.
See you next time

-Michi E., Lola

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