Start Skyros 2019

Skyros 2019 · 5. Oktober 2019

Our work week starts today. At 06:00 o’clock we meet in Weinfelden at the railway station and take the train to the airport. Arrived at the airport we checked in our luggage and passed the security check. Afterwards we had a little time to have breakfast or to stock up in the duty-free.

At 09:15 o’clock we depart for Athens. In Athens we fetch our luggage and Anastasia, who arrives from Bucharest, joins us. With a bus we go to Kymi, where we take the ferry to finally get to Skyros. On the way we took a break and had a first good lunch. The driver of the bus came all the way from Skyros to pick us up and tell us that we weren’t forgotten on the island that year. He thanked us for the last year by picking us up and is now hoping for another great week.

When we arrive at Skyros we meet Silvia, Karin, Eleni and so on. It was a warm reunion and everyone is looking forward to the week. Afterwards we went to Karin by bus to find our sleeping places. Afterwards we went to eat together with the new mayor and the OK. We ended the evening comfortably and full of anticipation. We are very much looking forward to the week and the coming experiences.


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