Day 6

Skyros 2020 · 09. October 2020

Final sprint

Today there is still some minor work and tidying up to be done. One group went to distribute the compiled packages with the purchased food, hygiene articles etc. to those in need. Michael went to the music school again, as small material like cables, microphones and strings were still missing. In between we cleaned up our room and stowed away all the material we left on the island. In the end it was empty and you could tell that the departure is close. Over noon some of us went back to the sea, because it will be the last opportunity this year. We also packed our suitcases at Karin’s place, as we won’t have much time the next morning.

Later we met at 20:00 o’clock in a tavern. We invited everyone we know and who helped us to have dinner. It is a common meal with about 25 people. We showed what we could do all week and what was achieved. As a thank you for the invitation the residents surprised us with traditional dances. Two people came along in traditional dresses. It was a happy togetherness and they invited us all to dance. It was great to get to know another culture in this way. Only at 01:00 o’clock at night, the cheerful evening came to an end with lots of food, dancing and a lot of joy. It is a wonderful end of this week. Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to most of them this evening. Everybody hopes to see us again next year. With one laughing and one crying eye we are ready to start our journey home.

-Giulia, Shannon, Michael, Ricardo

Happy reunion

Today we were allowed to visit the elderly gentleman in his freshly painted home. Already when we arrived he was beaming and thanked us countless times. He seems to like the colour. Fortunately we had Silvia with us, who translated everything for us. Of course a photo was not to be missing. As a small thank you we received a bouquet of his basil, which he planted at home. With a bit of luck and a green thumb it will take root and we can plant it in our home and enjoy the intense scent of the basil. It is really impressive to see that people who have almost nothing are still willing to give something, even if they don’t have to. It was not a huge effort, but when you could see his smile, we knew that we had made him happy. In the afternoon we received an email from the class teacher whose room we had painted. She thanked us from the bottom of her heart for our work. The discovery of mould will be forwarded to the parents’ authority and we can only hope that something will change.

-Daniela, Pascal, Manuel

Home visits with Silvia

Today I was allowed to go with Silvia to vaccinate the residents. It is a very impressive experience as Silvia told me that the inhabitants of the island hardly ever leave their houses. Due to the crisis this has of course worsened and many have become depressed. In Skyros whole families live in one house with only two rooms, which shocks me very much. But the inhabitants are incredibly grateful for my work and gave me a smile. I wish I could do more for them than just vaccinate them, but at least it is a start.


Work for the next year

Today we also had to tidy up our office, where we prepared the computers, and hand them back to the city. We had cleaned up relatively quickly. However, we realised that we still had a lot of small material and that we would like to leave it here on the island. So we made an inventory of everything so that we know exactly what we have in Skyros and don’t have to take it with us next year. We also gave a part of the material to the computer responsible of the city. He is a passionate handicraftsman and can use various small materials such as screws, cables etc.

Nico and Giulia went up to the tavern to visit the Taekwondo club before dinner. On their first visit they told us that they would buy a new loudspeaker for the gym with the next money they got. So we ordered a loudspeaker the same day and could hand it over to them now. Since they did not know that we had done this, they were very happy. They told us that we would have to come over every year and that we should train with them next year.

-Simon and Nico

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