The project Swiss for Greece

Diaconal Project of the Catholic Church of Thurgau

We learn the important things in life through experience. What we have seen or experienced ourselves burns itself into our own life plan. Most young people here in Switzerland have a good, positive starting position to develop their lives and realize their life desires.

But most also know that it is not the same everywhere. We are informed about it daily by the media. You could help anywhere. We wanted to open up two opportunities for young people through our own diaconal project.

  1. We organize a concrete mission in a country that has got into a very difficult situation due to different circumstances and that puts a lot of people into a precarious life situation. A large part of the Greek middle class is impoverished and lives at or below the subsistence level! Many sad fates arise. We can support materially and set a sign through our commitment, live solidarity.
  2. Young people should be affected personally. Experience helping and develop a new view of life. Be proud of his own actions! Allow emotional closeness, endure and draw strength from it. To participate in something “good”.

We were able to achieve both goals in our operations on site in Athens and on Skyros. It also seems important to us that the young people do not see this project as a “flash in the pan”, as a beautiful episode in their lives, but that they are interested in a continuation in their collection actions before the mission and now as a group “swissforgreece”.