Day 3

Skyros 2019 · 8. Oktober 2019

Elena at the hospital

Today was a very exciting day for me. At 9 in the morning I made a deal with Silvia to go to the hospital afterwards. When I arrived there was administrative work for Silvia to do, where I could watch and ask questions. Today there were 2 female doctors in the house, so I was allowed to go with one for a while and receive the patients. There were a lot of situations. An old man with heart problems, a man with an open wound on his elbow and a baby who received the vaccination. After lunch we said goodbye and went back to the others. For me as a trained health specialist it was very impressive to see all this and especially the difference to our medical care in Switzerland!



When we load the cabinet parts onto the truck in the morning, the weather is not on our side, but there is no reason for us to be less motivated. When we arrive at the school, lessons start for all the children, which makes it easier to unload the truck. As the teachers room is very small, every corner is used as storage space. First we have to take the old box apart. It was very small and gave hardly any space for all school supplies. We also started to put up the new cupboard quickly. When the break started some curious eyes came to say hello. Thanks to our strong boys the upper part was mounted fast and safe.

-Michi E., Lola, Andrea, Anastasia

Shannon with the kids from last year

Today we visited the three children from last year again. We played football for 2 hours. Everyone was happy to see each other again. It was great to see how the children grew up. The grandmother of the children was also happy to see us again. We brought chocolate and sugus for them.


Shopping by Andrea

Karin already started to contact local producers in the morning to organise various products for the Christmas market. As it was a rainy day, all Skyros seemed to be closed. Finally she was able to reach the olive oil and honey producers. After lunch he came with 10 litres of olive oil and 10 kilos of honey, which we bought. A spice merchant promised to stop by before dinner. Unfortunately she did not show up. Thus the further purchase is shifted to the next days with hopefully better success.


Melina at the kindergarten

After we packed the toys for Natascha’s kindergarten that we selected yesterday, we can load them into the pick-up truck. At 12:00 o’clock it starts and we drive to the first kindergarten. When we arrive, a joyful and excited atmosphere awaits us from the many children who are already curiously looking at the big boxes. Finally it starts and we are allowed to unpack the boxes and distribute the toys. The joy of the children is incredible and it is touching how happy they are about the things. Of course we still have time to try them out and play together. Clearly an unforgettable experience for me.



Today we prepared the remaining laptops and PCs, i.e. install new hard disks, upgrade RAM, install Windows and finally change the language to Greek. Now all devices are ready for use and can be distributed. In the late afternoon a representative of the local football club came to us to discuss the requirements of the new website. We now have to set up a website for the Skyros football club and the theatre so that they can generate content themselves later.

-Simon, Nico

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