The whole project started with the idea of creating a level of action for young people in which they can stand up for others. In this diaconal aid project, participation is at the centre, young people get involved and put their ideas into practice.

The financial crisis (2009) weakened a large section of the population in many European countries. One was Greece with a very high level of debt and impoverishment. Through personal contacts, we were able to plan our first week of outreach in Athens in autumn 2017. Ten young people helped out in a street kitchen and distributed collected relief goods. In a chance meeting, we got to know the mayor of a small Greek island. He told us about the big problems of the population on his island. He invited us to use our help on Skyros in the coming year 2018.

And so began our great collaboration with a small group of committed people from the island and the Swiss for Greece project group.

In order to raise the necessary aid and travel costs, the group collected around Fr. 20’000 per year and pallets of material for kindergartens, schools, hospital and others in need. Fundraising through sponsors/donors and collection events are an important part of the project.

In the previous four outreach weeks 2018 – 2021, over 40 youths and young adults worked on a wide variety of tasks.

From 2020, a special combination was created. With the confirmation candidates of the confirmation course 17+ of the Steckborn parish, more young people got involved in the Swiss for Greece project and they were able to put their ‘Yes to the Church’ into practice.