Day 4

Skyros 2020 · 07. October 2020

Less is more

Our task today is to buy food parcels. Müri and Silvia make us a list of what we need. We split up and go shopping for everything we need. The things we buy are then distributed among the inhabitants of the island. They are very happy and grateful. You can see that you can put a smile on their faces with just a few things.

Giulia, Lorena, Ricardo, Michael and Daniela

Alpine lift

This morning I am allowed to go with Silvia’s husband, who is a shepherd, and feed the animals. We drive by car to the so-called “Alp” and feed the approx. 80 goats here. Afterwards we go back to the other goats, sheep and horses. The sheep and goats get grain and hay, they drink the water from the stream or we fill the watering troughs. For the rest of the animals we go again into the terrain. There we still have to feed the remaining goats, sheep and horses. In the afternoon I am allowed to prepare gift parcels and make the finish in the schoolhouse.


Swinging the dance leg

At half past eight in the evening Anna picks us up at the big square. We do not know exactly what to expect. We are told that we will dance some folk dances together with the locals. Anna leads us down a small alley. After only two minutes walk we arrive in a room where about 15 people are dancing a Greek folk dance in a circle. It looks very difficult, so we are thrilled how well they master it. Still a bit shy we all sit down on a sofa and watch another dance. Afterwards the first ones dare to dance with us. In the beginning a little bit of despair was felt. But after a little practice we can follow the whole thing a bit. In the end it is a lot of fun and we get to know the inhabitants of the island. Definitely a successful evening.

-Michael and Shannon


This morning Nico and Dani went to the computer shop at nine o’clock. There they order a printer, the ordered hard disks, various cables and a loudspeaker. Back at the office, Nico has finished the blog and Simon has installed more equipment. But we both can’t do an insane amount of work, as the internet is very unstable. This is also the reason why yesterday’s blog came so late. During lunch we go down to Molos to the beach. For lunch we have homemade sandwiches. At 18.00 a member of the Taekwondo club comes by because they want a website. Unfortunately, time is relatively short and we don’t think we will be able to make it.

-Nico and Simon

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