Day 5

Skyros 2020 · 08. October 2020

Group project

Today we left the house early and started without breakfast. We will make a hiking trail accessible again. Before we start work we went to Edi where we had breakfast first. Edi is an acquaintance who emigrated from Germany and now works for the island in the field of water and nature. After breakfast we left, one group started at a staircase and the other one further up. The group that was at the top of the stairs changed after finishing also further up. We separated the group again and one goes even higher and the other one finishes the rest at the bottom. During the work it suddenly starts to rain in torrents. The lower group went to find shelter and the one further up continued to work despite the heavy rain. After the rain the lower group finished the rest and went back to Edi. A little later the other group also came back. We handed in our tools and walked to the car. Some of us were allowed to go directly by car to the accommodation and the other one walked to the village where we were picked up. Back at the accommodation some of us went directly to the shower and others still went to the sea. Today we had lunch with Karin. After lunch we had free time. Some went to sleep, others talked outside. In the evening we went up to the village and finished the evening together.

-Manuel, Shannon, Giulia, Pascal, Ricardo and Simon

Michi as drum teacher

Today was the next round of drum lessons. After yesterday another student came today. The lessons are a lot of fun for the students. The communication is mainly based on English. Meanwhile I already know a few words in Greek, which are important for the lessons. Today’s pupil has been playing drums for a long time. Tomorrow there are more lessons planned and I am already looking forward to them.


Doctor’s visit to Skyros

My day began as it ended yesterday. In pain. I chipped a tooth yesterday at dinner. Müri and Däni persuaded me to go to the dentist. I resisted because I had seen the hospital and I was sure that I would not need medical help here on the island.
However, I was positively surprised by this dentist. As I usually have an aversion to dentists, it did not help that I almost did not understand him. However, he was very friendly and open-minded to explain everything to me in detail. After he made me a temporary filling, I explained again what we at Swiss for Greece do here on the island. Of course, a photo with the dentist should not be missing. I am looking forward to this evening when I can finally eat a gyro!


Job comparison

Today I was allowed to visit the hospital of the island. I was accompanied by the nurse. She is the only one here on the island and has to take over some of the work of the doctors, because they are otherwise too busy. The patients cannot stay overnight in this hospital, because there are only emergency beds. The patients come to the hospital as the first point of contact. They are picked up at the entrance door and their temperature is measured. The patients wear a mouthguard and so do we. Patients are examined without any hygiene measures, intimate sphere protection and ergonomic working methods. She dressed the wounds dripping with blood without gloves and with very old methods. The conditions and payment are very bad, the nurse tells me. The money is barely enough for life. They work at regular hours, but they also have to be available at all times. Only small things are done in this hospital, otherwise the patients are referred to larger hospitals. The visit was very impressive and I learned to appreciate more our health system.


A give and take

I didn’t have much free time this afternoon. Together with Giulia we were driven up from Däni to the city. We had an appointment with Dimitri, where Giulia was already on Tuesday. We were able to give him and his wife a computer and a new printer. Since he is an English teacher, communication was no problem. He himself has several projects on the island and thinks ours is very good. He even offered us to translate a part of the website into Greek. Now it will be accessible for the locals as well.


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