Journey back home

Skyros 2020 · 10. October 2020

Today it was early day watch, because the ferry to Kymi leaves at 08:00 am, with or without us. The bus picked us up from Karin at 07:00 am. During the trip we enjoyed a beautiful sunrise. When we arrived at the harbour we said goodbye to Silvia and a few of us had coffee and a pastry before we went on the ferry and played a round of sensis (a game of discusion). Afterwards we felt tired and many slept the rest of the trip. After a short time all were torn out of their dreams again. We left the ferry and went on with the bus. At about 12:00 o’clock we arrived in Chalkida. There we made an extensive lunch stop. Before lunch we discussed the week together again. Everybody got a question which he had to answer. Afterwards everybody said things that were forgotten or not yet told. After the feedback round, most of the group stayed in the same beach bar and had lunch. At 14:00 we met up with the bus driver again and drove on towards the airport. After another good hour we arrived at the airport. The check-in was easier than expected, because last year there were some weight problems. This year, however, everyone stayed below the maximum weight. Together we went through the checks. On time we boarded the plane, which was filled to the last seat, just like on arrival. After a quiet flight we landed in Zurich. Däni and Müri found some nice closing words before we said goodbye to each other and went home.

Until hopefully next year.

-Shannon and Nico

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