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Skyros 2020 · 03. October 2020

The time has come, we meet at 03.45 in front of the Franziskuszentrum in Weinfelden. The last little things like the mask and T-shirts will be distributed. With two minibuses we drive over the empty motorway. Arrived at the airport we check in our luggage. It is already busy for five in the morning. Through customs and with a slight delay we take off. We enjoy a rather quiet flight with sunrise.

Arrived in Athens the bus driver is already waiting for us. With the bus we took a ferry to the lunch break. We had lunch in a small restaurant. After lunch we drove to the ferry that goes to Skyros. Before the crossing we had some time to explore the area.

If you now have a look over the ferry, you can see that the early rising and the long journey has strained the whole troop a little bit. Some stroll on the deck and enjoy the view, some watch a film and a few have sat down in the comfortable couches to sleep. The latter are abruptly torn out of their dreams by Müri, who tells them about entering the harbour and does not want them to miss this sight. From the harbour we first go briefly to our accommodation, where the rooms are divided.

It should only be a short stop as the mayor has invited us to dinner. Plenty of plates of different food are served so that nobody will go to bed with a growling stomach today.

-Daniela, Manuel and Nico

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