Two projects combine​

Two projects combine

Recently, around 40 people met under “Corona Safety Measures” to look back on the “swissforgreece” week on Skyros and an information evening for the confirmands with godparents and confirmation sponsors. It is a special path that the eight confirmands from Steckborn and the surrounding area have chosen. They are involved in the JUSESO TG aid project “swissforgreece”, which provides local help for the people in need on the Greek island of Skyros.

Why do young people work for the people in need? Why do they take a week’s holiday for it? Why do they collect money and relief supplies? These are the questions that the young people in the confirmation course explored. A basic Christian attitude has to do with action. Charity and solidarity are not just words, but require action. In the fellowship of the group, both could be experienced and put into practice at first hand. Being a Christian is not a “self-runner”, but also a mission, it needs a level of action.

With pictures and sound, the young adults of the “swissforgreece” group informed about the projects in the run-up and of course also from the week of outreach on the island. In this way, the confirmation sponsors, parents, friends and other interested people could learn how donations were used on site. Much amazement, thanks and praise were certainly a nice reward for this outreach.

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