Day 1

Day 1

Skyros 2018 · 13. October 2018

After a short night in Athens, we head to the airport the next morning. The flight has been short and we arrived on Skyros without any problems. By bus we take a short drive to the accommodation and then to a rich lunch. At lunch we got to know our contact persons on the island. Strengthened we went to Karin’s place, where we are staying for the night, to get our rooms. In the evening, we meet Müri and Däni, who are having a meeting with the OC to determine the basic framework for our missions. At the end we went to eat together in the village of Skyros.


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Gotti Cordula und Familie
15. October 2018 20:00:40

Great what you are doing, Nico and all the other helpers! We are also proud and wish you good success with the projects and many impressive experiences!