Day 1

Day 1

Skyros 2020 · 4. October 2020

The second day on Skyros began in sunshine and pleasantly warm temperatures with a delicious breakfast provided for us. With full stomachs we drive by car to the material room, where all boxes with the donated utensils are stored. So everyone can see where material office meeting point is. In it are many boxes which Däni has carefully inventoried. With united forces we sorted everything and arranged it clearly, so that we can find the material faster in the coming days.

After that we went on a discovery tour. We went by car to different places of interest like viewing platforms, beaches and chapels. After the first half, we take a break in a beautiful bay. There we had the opportunity to swim a round in the refreshing sea. Sitting together as a group, we get to talk about what values are important to us in life. At the various stopping points we continued the interesting conversation intensively.

As a conclusion we have a relaxed dinner in the port of Linaria. Filled plates with delicious seafood, pasta, fresh salad and Greek specialties are served. After dinner there is a short detour in the accommodation, all have unpacked the bathing suits and freshened up. We spent the evening relaxing in the little town above.

-Giulia, Lorena, Simon

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