Day 1

Day 1

Skyros 2021 · 10. October 2021

After the long journey yesterday, we were allowed to sleep in a little and accordingly breakfast was not until 10:30. Since the weather was uncertain and we could only have eaten outside at Karin’s house at 17, we went to a nearby bakery. After some delicious Greek pastries, we set off on the almost traditional island tour. With four cars we made the first stop at the sea. It was just warm enough for a few of us to go swimming in the sea. After the swim, we had a short conversation in which we had various discussions. We then went to a well-known tavern, which we have known since the first year. Although they had closed down and made everything ready for winter, they bought us something to drink. There we could feel the great hospitality once more. Afterwards, we went to a small chapel on high ground, where we could enjoy a wonderful view of the mainland and the sea. As every year, the well-known group photo was taken. After a short discussion about our values in the group, we made our way to the dinner with the mayor and the OC team of the island. Our tables were full of various delicious food, e.g. meat platters, tzatziki, chips, etc. With full bellies, some of us went back to our accommodation and others to a well-known bar. We spent the evening in a cosy atmosphere so that we could start tomorrow full of energy with our tasks.

Highlight by Ladina

On our first day on Skyros, we went on a guided tour of the island. My highlight of it was our first stop at the sea. While we were there, a few of us decided to go for a swim. While diving, we could see the sun’s rays shining through the water.

Highlight from Simon

My highlight today was the island tour with the whole group and a refreshing swim in the sea. This gave those in the group who were there for the first time a chance to get to know the island a little. They also got to talk to people they had never met before. A joint lunch or dinner rounded off the tour.

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