Day 1

Day 1

Athens 2017 · 14. October 2017

Today we had our first mission in Greece. At 12:00 we made arrangements at Kostantinos’ alley kitchen. Unfortunately, we had a little trouble finding the street where we agreed. Therefore, we reached the restaurant only 20 minutes later. When we finally arrived there, some volunteers who work there regularly explained to us what we were doing. So the first thing we did was to sort clothes by woman or man, girl or boy and summer or winter. Then we took the metro to the place where we cooked the food. For the people who help there in the street kitchen, it is important that everyone can eat something, no matter if they are rich or poor. It is also important to them that you eat together with the people as a community. This was the most beautiful experience for me personally. When we prepared and cooked everything, we sat together with the people and ate. I was very happy when I heard that one man could speak English. So we talked for a while. The first question he asked me was, “Why did you decide to help here in Greece?” I explained to him that I think it is important to help others who are not as well off as we are in Switzerland. He then said that he thought it was very nice what we were doing here. This was my highlight of today. We talked some more and at the end he said goodbye and that it was nice to meet me. For me, the best part of the day was that we not only cooked for others, but we also ate and talked with them. Afterwards we cleaned up everything and went back to our kitchen.


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