Day 2

Day 2

Skyros 2019 · 7. October 2019

For almost everyone the alarm clock rang today between seven and half past seven. After we strengthened ourselves with a fine breakfast, the morning walk started for many of us, up to the city center. We met Silvia at the town hall at nine, because she showed us where all our transported donations were stored. Once in the storage room, it was time to unpack. We cleared out all the boxes, sorted them and some of them were already distributed. We were already able to bring great joy to the people in the hospital with wheelchairs, walkers, bandages, etc.!

When the afternoon arrived, 2 girls from last year came for a reunion, we had time to play with them and have fun. Although there was a language barrier, we were able to arrange a meeting with them for the next day. In the meantime, Michael and Lola went to the craftsman’s store from last year and bought some necessary things. When they got everything, they repaired a small chalkboard that will be taken to a daycare center the next day. In addition, two kindergarten teachers came to sort the donated toys. It was an exciting spectacle… A complete mess that took place over 2 hours. In the end we managed to get everything ready for the transport the next day. The technical group also made progress. Nico and Simon sorted their materials and started to get the PCs running. Since we don’t have internet or WLAN in the storage room at the town hall, we had to look with Silvia where we could get network. The technical group should create a website for the FC and the theater group and our site should be fed as well. After lunch Silvia was able to organize a currently unused office for us, which on the one hand has an internet connection and on the other hand is not very far away from the storage room. So if you are reading this now, you know that the internet works in the office 🙂 .

When we were back at Karin’s accommodation at 8pm, we were served a home cooked dinner. Afterwards, everyone went to freshen up a bit, change clothes and let the evening end together in the salon.

We are looking forward to the exciting work to come!

-Elena, Shannon

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