Day 2

Day 2

Skyros 2020 · 5. October 2020

Picking, cutting and cooking

We start the day with Karin our hostess or at our accommodation. Together we take care of a little order. This includes wiping the front yard so that not all the leaves are lying around, watering the plantation and picking up the mandarins from the ground, as well as picking them from the trees. Our job is to prepare jam for sale. We wash and cut the quinces, it is important to note that the inner core as well as unattractiveness are cut away. In total we prepared 4.5 kilograms of quinces, so that Karin can cook it directly. In addition, there are the collected tangerines from the garden, which are also washed and cut. It is an instructive day for both of us, as well as a good opportunity to get to know each other. In the afternoon we go up to the school to join the others. They are busy painting in classrooms there.

-Giulia and Lorena

Old familiar

Today, after some clarifications, we can move into our office. This is the same place as last year and therefore everything is still familiar, even the internet works right away. A first inventory of the equipment is made and we have already set up the first devices. This also thanks to the help of Giulia and Lorena. In the late afternoon we support the painting team in the school.

-Simon and Nico

Music sounds

At 10 o’clock in the morning the music teacher visits us in our room. We have brought many instruments again for the small music school. Drums, xylophones, flutes and a drum set. Since the music room is very small and there is still a big table plus an office workstation in this room, the music school has hardly any space left. This is also the reason why they could not use the drum set we brought last year. Tomorrow we hope that a part of this room will come out and then the music school will have a little more space, so we can eventually set up the drum set. But since we brought a drum set again this year and it will surely not find a place anymore, we brought it to the psychologist of the island (who we already know since the last times) in the afternoon. He can also play drums and will work with the music school in the future so that he can teach some kids to play drums.

-Michi and Shannon

Catching up on work

First thing this morning we went to the building department and got painting tools because we have several painting jobs today. We get to survey an old man’s house near the port of Skyros, which we will be repainting. We went to a paint store and bought all the materials. After the painting store we go to a farm to look at old machinery. We do this because we got the order from an acquaintance. Unfortunately, Manuel finds out that it is impossible to repair them. With all the materials and new information we go to the town of Skyros to have lunch with everyone. Since lunch was a bit late, we had to hurry up afterwards so that we could make some progress on our construction site. We are allowed to paint two classrooms in the school. At first sight these rooms look like in Switzerland. Only when you look a little closer do you notice the plaster falling off the walls or the broken desks. We start with six people, but this construction site quickly became a whole team effort. Exhausted and partly still hungry we sat down with still in a restaurant, ate a little something and let the evening in the small town end.

-Daniela, Manuel, Ricardo and Pascal

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