Day 2

Skyros 2022 · 10. October 2022

Our work week has started. After a short Greek crash course after breakfast, five different groups set to work.

Three people went to K. to cut quinces and make confiture. K. is an elderly lady who has offered us her guesthouse as accommodation for the last four years.

Three other young adults met with a young Skyiriote volunteer to discuss aid packages for the needy.  


Highlight Sarah Gubler

Today we used our maths skills to calculate and organise the shopping lists for 13 families on the island. Now we can go shopping, helped greatly by the beautiful weather.

Two of the groups used their morning to take care of people in need. So two people from the team went to the beach with an autistic young person to build sandcastles and play there, while the 2nd group went to visit Piza from the previous year.


Highlight Ladina

Today I was allowed to spend the day with an autistic young person. After some initial scepticism, it was nice to see how more and more trust was built up. We built sand castles together and he beat a colleague and me high out at table football. We are all looking forward to seeing each other again.


Highlight Marta

I was allowed to go and visit “Piza” again after a year. A dear mother who cares for her bedridden adult son at home. Together with Enola, I supported her in the household and we gave her a massage to relieve her back. We also helped with light washing of Elias, her son. It gave me such great joy to see her again this year, that’s exactly how she felt.

The last group visited an elderly gentleman whom we already knew from the previous year and supported him. There was some work to be done in the area and wood to be chopped for the coming winter.

Later in the afternoon, some of us started to clear a footpath from plants, big stones and rubbish. Finally, almost all of the team arrived and helped out. Tomorrow we will continue where we left off.

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