Day 2

Day 2

Athens 2017 · 15. October 2017

Today was Sunday, which means rest day. We got to feel this as we were not in the center of Athens until 3pm. The day before we split the existing Swiss for Greece group into two groups. One went to the market and the other to Pireus.

We were now at our position on the spot and distributed the hot spaghetti/lentil soup. Unfortunately, we wished we had cooked lunch ourselves or taken the work off the volunteers who run this alley kitchen almost every day and gone shopping. So we would have felt more like a help than a help out. Nevertheless, it had been an instructive day with wonderful weather. The people who ate were happy about the action and the delicious food and we were happy with them.


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Däni Scherrer
17. October 2017 12:00:46

I think it is great how the young people behave in this challenge. Virl commitment and compassion. Plus the good spirit within the group! A great experience for all!