Day 3

Day 3

Skyros 2018 · 15. October 2018

Craft group

Today we went to a family to build two shelves for the children’s room and a box for the toys. After some initial difficulties at the beginning, we are able to start working. Fortunately we have someone with us who can translate everything for us and we can talk to the family and the vendors. At the end of the day, we are happy that everything went so well, that we were able to help the family and that the children enjoy what is new. These positive reactions motivate us for the next days to continue doing good.

-Lola, Michi E. and Shannon

Material group

Our day starts today in the hospital. There we brought the donated medical material. This includes 2 rollators, 3 monitoring devices and defibrillators, various incontinence materials and others such as blood pressure monitors, bandages and needles. We met and talked with the medical staff. They are very happy about the material and are very grateful.

Shortly after, we meet with the social worker. She and her team are organizing packets of basic food for people who need social assistance. The packages contain pasta, rice, milk, bread and more. Our task is now to prepare additional packages containing toiletries. While shopping for the items, we notice that the products are much more expensive on the island. Therefore, we understand why many people cannot afford it.

-Anita, Ciara and Gabi

Informatics group

After pre-sorting the material yesterday, the main task today is to re-set up the 8 desktop PCs and 6 notebooks. The morning begins with the recording of the needs for the devices and to see who could receive what. Then it is time to set up the devices, buy missing accessories and spare parts in the local store, repair defective devices and perform functional tests. After a busy day with some obstacles, the majority of the devices could be prepared for installation.

-Nico and Simon

Tavern group

On Monday, our day starts with somewhat cloudy weather. Nevertheless, after breakfast we set out to help Amerza in the field. First we picked apples and quinces, from which she made a delicious dessert for herself and the guests. Likewise, we diligently cut away branches from trees that are getting bigger and bigger and therefore taking away space for the olive, quince and apple trees. After about 2 hours of sawing we had created enough free space for the other trees again and transport the goods with the truck to the goat enclosure. Back at the tavern we helped to cook lunch and in the afternoon we were busy with preparations for the common meal on Tuesday. We also swept the floor and cleaned the tables.

-Carina and Michi Z.

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Gotti Cordula u. Familie
17. October 2018 12:00:53

Bravo to all the helpers.