Day 3

Day 3

Skyros 2020 · 6. October 2020

Positive meeting

Today our day starts as usual with a delicious breakfast. Directly after that we will go to Linaria where we will meet with Dimitri. He is the coordinator of an organization on Skyros, which takes care of various equipment and facilities of the city. In a successful conversation we could make contact, fish for new orders and learn more about Skyros. Through his support we can improve our website. Not only English and German will be on our website now, but also Greek, so that the locals can also get something out of our website. Also we can help him by reserving a couple of utensils for them. Thus it is a give and take, which is exactly what Swiss for Greece is all about. In the afternoon we continued painting in the classrooms. We have made very good progress, so that tomorrow only small things need to be done.

-Giulia, Lorena and Ricardo

New hope

This morning in the morning, we went to the beach. Enjoying the sunrise is the order of the day. After a leisurely swim in the sea, we have a great breakfast. Afterwards, the painting crew is off to a new project. We are allowed to repaint the living & dining room for an elderly gentleman. After yesterday’s sightseeing tour, we are prepared for a lot of cleanup work. Contrary to our expectations, everything is already cleaned up this morning. After all the furniture is cleared out and the floor is covered, we can start painting. We take our lunch break in a small restaurant directly at the harbor. There are typical Greek dishes like a Greek salad or tzatziki, to pasta with shrimp. After strenuous painting twice the result can be seen. The ceiling, which was covered with soot earlier, shines again in a new shade of yellow. The walls have also regained a pleasant hue. After we have put the furniture back into the house, this project, which gives an elderly gentleman new courage to face life, comes to an end. Afterwards we support the group that gives the classrooms a new color. We will end the evening with a nice dinner together.

-Daniela, Manuel and Pascal

Deep insight

At 9 o’clock we arrive at the office of the psychologist. Yesterday we made an appointment with him for an Interwiev. Through this interview we learned more about the situation on the island. Where the problems are and what it is like to work as a psychologist on a small island. There are many problems at the government level and the difference between rich and poor is huge.


Music resounds

Today we continue at the music school. The first thing we do is clear out the room which is also used as a library. We also moved shelves so that we have enough space for all the instruments. Then we set up the drums, the electric piano, the guitars and various drums. We are ready, everything is in place and the music teacher is very happy about the variety of instruments we brought. Of course we play the instruments to make sure they are ready to play. Making music together has a positive influence on our group. Repeatedly we are aware that the communication is hard. Fortunately Silvia is with us. She is a great help for communication.


Not only computers

This morning we first pick up the remaining material from last year from Silvia. After that we screwed new hard disks into the computers and more devices will be set up. At noon the IT-work is finished for today and we support the painting crew in painting the classrooms.

-Simon and Nico

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