Day 3

Skyros 2022 · 11. October 2022

Today, the focus was on the work at the panorama path and other handicraft work. From gardening to painting, there was a lot to do. Another group took care of the shopping for the aid packages for the 13 families.

Highlight Bernadette

Today started for me with a visit to Panos, a man who lives just outside the centre of Skyros. He was very grateful for the gifts, as well as the photo album from our trip in 2021. He was very grateful for the restoration of the pergola and various garden works by helping us and thanking us verbally. This was a complete success for me.

In the evening we were allowed to enjoy a small guided tour in the town and in the monastery, which ended with the highlight on the viewpoint over Skyros. The view over the island, as well as of tomorrow, ended our successful day.

Highlight Enola

Above the town of Skyros there is a monastery and an old castle. We walked there in the evening. The atmosphere and the view were breathtaking. The view over the city was beautiful. I was very impressed by the old and imposing paintings and sculptures. A single monk still lives in the monastery. He explained a lot to us. It was a great insight into Greek culture.

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