Day 4

Day 4

Skyros 2018 · 16. October 2018

Craft group

Today, Tuesday, we went back to the family where we built the frame and the box. Together with the three youngest children we painted the new furniture. They have a lot of fun doing it. As a thank you, the children gave us drawings. For us it was a very nice experience and it shows that sometimes it doesn’t take much to make a difference with little.

-Lola, Michi E. and Shannon

Material group

In the morning we met with the social workers in the village. We personally distribute the hygiene products and food we bought yesterday to the needy. They were very happy about the extra products and thanked us several times. In the afternoon we met Silvia and her husband to collect wood for an elderly man. Wearing gloves, we collected the wood and loaded it on the pickup truck. Then we unloaded the wood in his garden. Tomorrow we will continue to work with him to get his house back in better shape.

-Anita, Ciara and Gabi

Informatics group

Today we set up the rest of the equipment and additionally installed the missing drivers and user software. Sets were then assembled and assigned. About half of the devices could be delivered and installed today. Among them are 4 desktop PCs for the high school center, one desktop for the port office and another PC for a port-related school. In addition, a desktop PC and a notebook with docking station for the elementary school were provided for installation. The remaining devices will be distributed in the next few days.

-Nico and Simon

Tavern group

The second day at the tavern begins with lots of sun and blue skies. After breakfast Amerza has to take her truck to the garage for repairs. To bring her back, we both drove her private car. So we also had the pleasure to drive a car on the island. After that we prepared the terrace for dinner together.

At 5:30 p.m. Silvia appears with Gabi and Ciara to take care of Amerza’s brother, who has been in a wheelchair since birth due to an illness.

During this time Michael helps Amerza to prepare the spaghetti bolognese and renovates the guest rooms. After two impressive and eventful days we have to say goodbye again. Gabi and Ciara will now stay with Amerza until the end of the week and continue to support her.

-Carina and Michi Z.

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Michaela H.
17. October 2018 12:00:12

Hey you hard workers
I am so proud of you. Keep up the good work 🙂
Thank you for your work.

Gotti Cordula u. Familie
17. October 2018 12:00:09

Great effort.