Day 4

Day 4

Skyros 2019 · 9. October 2019

Project sandbox

At 9 am a truck with sand, stones and tools was supposed to come to the kindergarten. It didn’t come. And we waited for the first time that day. Spoiler alert, this was not the last time…. 30min later and the truck is there. Some start to dig. The others start to carry 30 bags of about 25kg up to the kindergarten, because the truck can not drive all the way up. From 9.30 to 11 o’clock we dug. Yesterday we ordered wood. The problem is it doesn’t come. That means from 11 o’clock to 12 o’clock forced coffee break. From 12 o’clock to 14 o’clock we dug again. Müri, Däni and Michi build the frame with the wood. They made seats on it and stretched a fleece at the bottom of the frame to keep the sand in the box. We lowered the sandbox into the hole and filled it with sand and around the outside with earth and split. At 6:30 pm the sandbox was finished and everyone went back to the shelter exhausted. It was an exhausting and stressful day, but we are all happy that the sandbox was finished.

-Shannon, Michi E, Lola, Andrea, Melina

Distributing toys

This morning Elena, Anastasia, Murielle and Däni stopped by the kindergarten of Molos. In their luggage they carried the collected toys from Switzerland. The whole kindergarten was already waiting for them at the main entrance full of anticipation. When they unpacked the toys, the children’s eyes lit up! We had not seen such joy and laughter for a long time. It proves how children can enjoy even the smallest things in life. Playing together filled us with joy of life.

-Elena, Anastasia

PC Group

Today we also helped with the sandbox and let our work rest for a day. It is nice to do something different and physical, because otherwise we are in the office most of the time. For us it is not the first time building on the island, because last year we helped to renovate the house of an elderly man. You can say that we enjoyed it despite the relatively exhausting work and we know why we do it.

In the evening Nico went to visit the Taekwondo club of Skyros with Shannon, Anastasia and Andrea. We brought them a laptop last year and lo and behold, it was even being used when we arrived. It’s a warm reunion because Nico knew everyone from last year and they knew him too. We talked a little bit how it goes and so on. Then it became exciting and touching at the same time…. As you know, we were looking for large floor mats on which the club can train. However, we did not find anything and in addition, these mats are quite expensive. So we thought we would give the club a little something so that they could maybe buy the mats or do something else for the club. They are extremely happy and grateful which you really felt, an indescribable good feeling. They even gave us gifts, a backpack of the club and a traditional handicraft of Skyros. Afterwards we said goodbye and already made arrangements for next year.

-Nico, Simon

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