Day 4

Day 4

Skyros 2021 · 13. October 2021

A Wednesday filled with a lot of energy, as many things were done today.

Everyone had to get up early today because work was calling. After a hearty breakfast at Karin’s, we set off. As in the previous days, the group was divided into different activities. The helpers who left earliest by car were still dozing on the way to the harbour. They didn’t even care about the beautiful sunrise on the sea horizon. But this tiredness quickly vanished when they stood in front of the cactus path with their chainsaws, shovels and thick work gloves. With five Swiss for Greece helpers and three local construction office employees, the work started with a Greek delay of about 1.5 hours. In the afternoon, as the group got smaller but the work didn’t, more of the team joined in to slave away on the path. There were so many cacti to cut down and take away. From early morning until late at night, the brave workers worked their way from cactus to cactus and made the trail passable again. With a few scratches and thorns on their bodies, yes, even on their bottoms, the cactus cutters returned home. They even founded a “Kaktüsser köpfen GmbH”. The direct translation of GmbH, according to their own statements, was “group with a special sense of humour”.

The “shoppers” were out and about in the centre of Skyros. Not shopping for souvenirs, but for food supplies and hygiene articles for needy families and individuals. The wishes of the people were collected and the budget calculated. If some of the allocated money was left over, the group supplemented the shopping with everyday relief items such as olive oil, rice or even hygiene items, as these are relatively expensive and not found in every household. The delivery of the purchases will take place tomorrow before the Greek lunch break. We are really looking forward to that!

The two FAGEs of the team, Tabea and Marta, went out again today to visit the mother and her impaired son. Their aim was to care for the man and meet his needs, as well as to pass on tips and tricks learned from the mother’s training. It should help her in her daily life. In addition, the mother was to be relieved. Therefore, not only the son enjoyed a massage, but his mother was also pampered. For lunch, the two were cooked, which was a personal highlight for Tabea. In the evening, Marta told us that communication was sometimes difficult for them, but was still possible with hands, feet and Google Translator.

The older man’s house project was also completed today. For three days, his house was scheduled in our outreaches. Today, the TV was set up, the chimney pipe was fixed and the hallway was scrubbed. The elderly man thanked us for the work we did and is happy about his made home. But we would also like to thank him for his trust and wish him only the best for his future!

The projects in the kindergarten are also coming to an end. Slowly, but surely, it is time for the final spurt in the outdoor constructions. Today, the focus was mainly on the bench, which was fixed and painted. As communication with the running children was a bit difficult, they kept pawing at the freshly painted bench. The Swiss for Greece took it with humour and said that the less paint the children had on their hands, the drier the bench was. So we were able to measure this.

For some, the day was a bit more monotonous with administrative and computer tasks. Most of the day was spent in the office. However, this has to be the case. Otherwise you wouldn’t read an exciting blog, for example. However, the meeting in the office with Silvia, the island’s social worker, was very interesting and gave an in-depth and impressive insight into her work and the well-being of the island’s residents.

Another successful day is drawing to a close!

Highlight Tabea

The best part of today was having lunch together with the 63-year-old woman who cares for her son. Today I was with Marta again to support her in her care and to keep her and her son company. Yesterday she offered us lunch as a thank you, but we had to decline because of the time. Today she offered it again and we accepted. It was nice to feel her gratitude, to get something back and to have a good time together.

Highlight Manuel

My highlight today was that the work at the kindergarten is almost finished. I have been working at the kindergarten for the last two days and am now happy that a goal is in sight. I was also very happy that the children enjoy my work so much.

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