Day 4

Skyros 2022 · 12. October 2022

A new day with new work in small groups was on the agenda. One group helped with the olive harvest of a local woman who lives in the countryside. The work became strenuous over time, as the arms were constantly stretched. However, due to the beautiful surroundings, the nature and the wonderful smell of the olive trees, this ambience had an externally calming and relaxing effect on the people of the Swiss for Greece team. The woman was infinitely grateful for the great performance.

Highlight Riccardo

Today we were allowed to help pick olives on an olive plantation. The work was very relaxing. The ambience among the trees and nature was wonderful.

After buying the goods for the relief packages yesterday, they were packed and distributed today. The people were overjoyed and grateful. The people from the Swiss for Greece team who distributed the packages were very impressed to see the living conditions of the inhabitants of Skyros.

Highlight Evelyn

Today I was able to pack our groceries for the people of Skyros and distribute them from door to door. It gave me great pleasure to see how grateful the people were.

Social visits were also made alone and in two teams. One team spent time with the autistic teenager again, while two others met with Piza and her son again. The dental assistant of the Swiss for Greece team also spent the morning at the hospital on the island. There she mainly assisted the dentist.

Highlight Tobias

My highlight of the day was that I got to spend time with an autistic boy. I had already seen him once or twice during the week and was able to get an impression. He had a very logical understanding and could also score points with me with his humour and sayings. His room was full of Legos, with which we built various constructions and had conversations. I could also convince him with my hobbies. These are various card tricks and solving the Rubik’s Cube.

After doing some small tasks and paperwork in the afternoon, the whole group met at the music school in the evening. There was a singing rehearsal for tomorrow’s music festival together with the music school. The organisation for this festival is in its final stages. We are already looking forward to tomorrow evening. At the end of the evening, one group went to another Taekwondo training, while a 2nd group had the chance to dance with the local dance group. Thus, another eventful day came to an end.

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