Day 4

Skyros 2023 · 11. October 2023

After a somewhat short night, we are off again. Today’s theme is “Friendship”. Every morning we have a short input that accompanies us through the day. Teamwork is the order of the day again today. In the morning, we painted the houses of two elderly ladies, bought the last food packages, chopped wood again and helped P* and K*. In the afternoon we took care of the colours on the floor and the foliage of the kindergarten. In a large group, these were traced and the leaves were gathered together. With the joint support, all tasks were completed well.

Statement from Sarah:
“Today, after yesterday’s physically demanding painting session, I got to go to K* to make quince confi. In the afternoon I took part in a creative painting activity for a local kindergarten. Painting the floor took a little longer than expected, but with extra team support and our ambition, we still met the schedule so the children can now enjoy a colourful playground.”

Towards the evening, they were allowed to take part in recreational activities. Some of the team attended music lessons and others trained in the Taekwondo lesson.

Statement from Ladina:
“Today I was allowed to do many different jobs. Woodworking at Panos, painting in the kindergarten in Molos and in the evening I could take part in the Taekwondo training.
At the latter, I met a young person from Skyros again, whom I had the pleasure of getting to know last year. I was very happy about that.”

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