Day 4

Day 4

Athens 2017 · 17. October 2017

Today we got to see firsthand the lives of people suffering from the economic crisis of Greece. Our group divided into two today and different outreaches were done. Four of us were able to see into three totally different lives. We were allowed to do a week’s shopping for three different housekeepers. The people for whom we were to do the shopping sent us a list of groceries and other things they needed in the household. We got these things and did the shopping at Lidl. After that, we took the purchased resources to the families. We were taken inside and offered drinks. Conversations arose which touched us very much. The people told us about their feelings in their situations, they told us about their lives, their fears and hopes. For us it was very exciting to have these conversations and our questions were always answered openly. The families radiated a lot of hope and gratitude. It was a very instructive experience for us to do such a mission. As a person, you always have an image of a person and quickly have some prejudices. But time, interest and patience can change them very quickly. It was fun for us to be able to make others happy for a short time. People are as different as their stories and past. The rest of the group was again allowed to help out in the alley kitchen in Monastirakie . Today we even filled the pantry with a generous purchase and made 80 sandwiches, which were eaten by the people on the street within a very short time. Today we were all able to accomplish a great feat and were very pleased with ourselves. We reflect and give each other feedbacks, share our opinions, thoughts and feelings. As a group we have grown a lot together and experience it as a nice week together . We are excited about the next days and go back to our work with a lot of positive thoughts . It makes us happy to see that together we can already achieve a lot.


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