Day 5

Day 5

Skyros 2018 · 17. October 2018

Craft group

Today we went to an elderly man where the house has already had its best days. His wife has already died and he now lives with his 94 years still in the house, which needs to be renovated. Yesterday we have already been with him, so that we had an overview of what we need everything. Today we received energetic support from everyone and so we really got started. Michi E. is our project leader, so to speak, because he has the most experience in manual work. Through him everyone got his task and it was worked hand in hand. Over the course of the day we cleaned and painted the entire interior, since the man practically only lives inside, filled cracks inside and out, cleaned various pieces of furniture and the kitchen, and cleaned his bathroom. We accomplished quite a bit, even though we worked longer than planned. In the evening we had a presentation about our project in the school, where the population of Skyros was also invited. It has been an eventful day, with more different impressions.

-Lola, Michi E. and Shannon

Material group

Today has been the first day that Carina and Michi Z. are with us in the purchasing group. Ciara and Gabi are now in the tavern and will continue to help the family. However, today we have also been busy with the renovation. We have been working as best we can so that the man can continue to live peacefully in his house. Carina has not been renovating today, but in the hospital of Skyros.

Insight into the daily life in the hospital:

The hospital is a so-called medical center, so it performs only outpatient treatments and has and no inpatients. In case of serious illnesses and accidents, such as yesterday’s car accident, the patients are transported by boat to the hospital on the mainland in Kimi. In general, you can tell that the work here at the hospital is different. People tend to work at a more leisurely pace. If you are used to the hygienic measures in Switzerland, it is a little different here. Not everyone works in work clothes, and smoking is of course allowed in the employee break room. A lot of administrative information is written by hand in annual books, this starts with a patient book at the reception, but also in the examination room. This book contains additional information about the patient, such as their symptoms and the examination results. A copy of an ECG examination is simply pasted into this book, so there is no separate medical record for each patient. Immediately after the examination, a manual prescription is issued, with which the patient must then go to the office, where he or she receives an additional electronic prescription. However, this is only possible after the patient has presented his or her so-called family record book. The patient can then take the printed prescription to the pharmacy to obtain the medication. Angeliki, a young and upbeat doctor, also tells me that working here means a lot of responsibility, because you are practically on your own, and you always hope that no serious accidents or illnesses come your way. This is also a reason why there are so few doctors, and unfortunately no pediatrician anymore. She has returned here because of her relatives after her studies, but she does not know how long she wants to stay here. She misses the mainland because of the better recreational opportunities, but it keeps her in Skyros at the moment. This is mainly because of the more relaxed mentality and modesty on the island.

In the evening we also went to the presentation.

-Anita, Carina and Michi Z.

Informatics group

Today there is a bigger change for us, because we also helped with the renovation. Since we both were not born with two left hands, we pitched in. It has been a nice change and we also got a different insight for once, since the whole thing is private. We hope that the older man can continue to live according to the circumstances.

-Nico and Simon

Tavern group

After breakfast at the tavern, our day begins with household chores. We helped hang, take down, fold and iron the laundry. We also mopped the whole place and gathered the leaves and disposed of them. Together with Amerza we cooked and washed the dishes after dinner. We think we took a lot of work from her and she was also very happy about it and thanked us very much. Our day ended with a beautiful boat ride in the sunset.

-Ciara and Gabi

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Silvia sozialarbeierin auf skyros
21. October 2018 12:00:15

For me it was a pleasure to be there during the renovation. You have held out so well!!!how you have dared to do everything,have tried everything,have motivated each other!!!And all this with so much joie de vivre,fun and team spirit.that was a super performance.the day after I spoke again with the son.he was so enthusiastic about you and relieved and grateful,that he could travel back to Athens the same day and leave his old father behind with a clear conscience.THANK YOU!!!! Dear parents and relatives, it is a pity that you did not experience this, you can be so proud… Read more »

18. October 2018 12:00:52

It touches and makes proud what the young people do here.
Keep it up 🙂