Day 5

Skyros 2022 · 13. October 2022

Again we were woken up by beautiful weather. This is what makes work fun.
A larger group took to the paintbrushes in the kindergarten, the playhouse needed a new coat of paint.

Highlight Sara

Thursday morning we painted in a group of 6 in the kindergarten. We painted the little wooden hut in different colours and then Ladina drew the “Swiss for Greece” logo on it. We renovated the already painted wall, it was a very colourful and fun day.

The splitting of the wood at Panos went slowly, so today some people put their strength into it again. This work could be pushed forward despite obstacles.

Highlight Nico

My highlight was the work with the fussy chainsaw at Panos. There were always various problems like too much oil in the petrol tank, etc. The most exciting thing was the complete disassembly and reassembly of the chainsaw with Giulia, because the chain jumped out. After that it worked even better than before.

The final spurt was also the aid packages. Whenever the needy family had children, we asked for more needed things like clothes or school materials. Today, some of the Swiss for Greece team played “shopping queens and kings”. They diligently shopped for children’s clothes and then distributed them. This way we could also support the local shops a little.

In the course of the afternoon, some took part in the football training of the local football club. While the rest were already preparing for the festival on the Platia.

Highlight Michael

Also this year I was allowed to visit the music school. Besides drum lessons, the focus was on planning for a joint concert. For me, the music festival was an occasion in which I realised once again that music unites us people, no matter what language we speak.

The festival was a great success. Over 100 adults and children from Skyros gathered on the Platia. The music school presented some songs, then we sang a song together before presenting two songs. Afterwards it was free singing and dancing. The atmosphere was really great.

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