Day 5

Skyros 2023 · 12. October 2023

Our journey on Skyros continues and today was a day of reflection on poverty and problems that exist in this community. We had deep conversations about what moments made us reflect and feel sad. Today we provided clothes for families in need and went to islanders’ homes to improve their living situation with painting.

Philipp got a special insight into the life of a Skyrian farmer. He was allowed to spend half a day with Sivlia’s husband and learn about his daily life as a goat herder.

Another group planned the children’s programme for Friday morning. The Swiss for Greece OC of Skyros had the idea to distribute a quiz about Switzerland to the children on the island. They will fill it out and hand it in on the Platia on Friday. During this time we looked after the children. On Friday evening we will have our traditional closing dinner. To show what we have achieved during this week, some of us put together a presentation with photos.

Statement from Leon:

“Today we prepared the Friday morning and evening. We wanted to create as exciting and varied a programme as possible for the children. In the end, we decided on a dynamic post run, where the children, after handing in their slip of paper, have different posts at their disposal and can change at any time. We have prepared a PowerPoint presentation for the evening. I am very excited to see how the children find the programme.”

The Linaria Association on Skyros invited us to lunch as a thank you for painting their association house. It was a special moment that once again showed us the warm hospitality and bonding on this wonderful island.

Statement from Filmon:

“For me, today was a very impressive day as I was there on the frontline and was able to see for myself. Although life here is often not easy, people still have a lot of love in their hearts.” Overall, today was a day of reflection and preparation. We are determined to do our part to support this community and bring about positive change. It is a challenge, but the love and warmth we experience here gives us the motivation to keep going.

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