Day 6

Day 6

Skyros 2018 · 18. October 2018

Craft group

Today we went to an elderly lady who lives alone in a large house. Here we cut back various trees and bushes in the garden and dispose of the cut material. In the kitchen she has a window, which she has temporarily covered with a plate for two years, because it is not tight. We removed this and removed the window for repair. After we replaced the lock and closed the window, we additionally sealed the frame so that neither wind nor water can penetrate. Afterwards, the lady thanked us warmly and was very happy that she now has daylight in the kitchen again and that this window is also safe for this winter. She expects us full of joy 2019 again.

-Lola, Michi E. and Michi Z.

Material group

Today we went with Silvia to distribute food packages to people. First we visited a woman who is mentally unstable. We also brought her some clothes. We can say that she is very grateful because she had to cry several times. After that we met a man who lives without electricity and water and therefore has to walk to a spring to get water. This man can’t walk very well anymore and for this reason we gave him a walker so he can move a little better.

-Anita, Carina and Shannon

Informatics group

Today we have to finish our work as much as possible, because tomorrow we only have time to deliver the equipment. We have installed the last necessary things on the devices, like drivers and programs, so that we can distribute the PCs without any worries. We also equipped Windows with the Greek language. At the end of the day we prepared things as well as possible, so that tomorrow we only have to take one package and distribute it. Since we did some technical work today, there are unfortunately no pictures from us today.

-Nico and Simon

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