Day 6

Day 6

Skyros 2019 · 11. October 2019

The week went by like a flash. Today is already the last day of operations. We start the morning with a cozy brunch in the warm autumn sun. Afterwards, the different groups set off to finish the work they have started. The craftsmen’s group builds decks for the sandboxes. In the kindergarten the PC is connected and the data is transferred from the old PC to the new one. Others start with the preparations for the Swiss dinner in the afternoon.

In the afternoon we organize a small meal for the inhabitants of Skyros on the village square. To Swiss music we eat Älplermacaronen. For dessert we have Basler Läckerli and Swiss chocolate. Afterwards we go back down to Molos to distribute the purchased food and pack our suitcases.

In the evening we visit the music school. Before that, a group distributed packages to a family. Also, a representative of the local soccer club came by to explain how the web pages they created work. At the music school we were given a private concert by the music students and we were able to end the evening with an aperitif riche followed by a visit to the bar.


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Karin Eggmann
12. October 2019 20:00:31

Thanks for the great blog posts and photos. It’s been fun following what you guys are doing. So nice to see all the happy people!
Have a safe trip home