Day 6

Skyros 2023 · 13. October 2023

Today was an exciting day for the children and young people on the island. With a lot of energy and enthusiasm, we created a programme that made the children’s hearts beat faster. Our goal? A morning full of fun, action and variety.

To ensure that the children enjoyed the day to the fullest, we decided on a dynamic post run. This exciting adventure allowed the children to try different activities and switch between stations at any time. Whether they wanted to be creative, exercise or just laugh and have fun, we had something for everyone. The rhythm game at the beginning had impressively shown that it doesn’t take much effort to make the children happy and find a common ground.

Statement from Müri:

“If I as a youth worker, can only watch how the young people get in touch with the children and youth, put together a great children’s programme, organise themselves and live out their talents… then we have done everything right. Huärä guät!”

In the afternoon we finished all the work and together with Silvia we reviewed the week. Afterwards, we packed the purchased goods and prepared for the final evening. We invited our Skyrian friends and all those we had to deal with during the week to a nearby restaurant. About 25 people accepted our invitation. It was a very nice evening full of stories, memories and experiences. Of course, dancing and exchanging gifts were not to be missed. Once again, a mission on Skyros comes to an end.

Statement from Fabio:

“Tonight we had the common dinner followed by a presentation of our work of the week on Skyros. We invited our friends from Skyros and celebrated with them. It was very nice to be able to show everyone what we have achieved this week and it filled us with pride. Afterwards we toasted Mica’s birthday and sang :)”

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