Day 6

Day 6

Athens 2017 · 19. October 2017

Today, Thursday, was our last official work day, but it ended a little differently than we had hoped. In the morning we all set off together with full energy, to the children’s home in Kallithea to drop off our collected clothes. This children’s home is the first one that was founded in Greece. Besides the children’s home it is also a kindergarten. We had the opportunity to play with the children for about half an hour. It took a few minutes until the children confided in us. You could tell that the children enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed them. When we wanted to leave, they did not want to let us go. The direct contact with the children was very exciting for us. After the children’s home, we went directly to the soup kitchen. Once there, we were told that they would not be cooking today because something had happened at that place. In order to do something good anyway, we went shopping again to make sandwiches, which they can distribute tomorrow. For that we did not need the whole day, so we went shopping for a family with a small child. For the rest of the day, we had then free. I thought it was a real pity that we could not cook, because I really liked it, especially yesterday. Nevertheless, we were able to make the best of the day. For me, a great day comes to an end with fond memories of the children, and saying goodbye to the Gassenküche. I have learned a lot through this week and take home very many beautiful memories. The hospitality of Greece, I will pass on.


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