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Skyros 2023 · 14. October 2023

And already it’s time to say goodbye to the island of Skyros. The way we arrived is the way we return – ferry, car, plane, train….

We look back on a successful and eventful week. Countless emotional moments, new experiences and touching encounters accompanied us. We are infinitely grateful for the successful week and would like to take this opportunity to thank our new and old friends on Skyros for their hospitality. Special thanks go to the OC of the Skyrian Swiss for Greece team led by Silvia.

Statement from Isabela:

“A week in which we were able to put a smile on many people’s faces. A week in which we were able to work for the well-being of the residents and a week in which we were also able to grow as a team and get to know ourselves anew. With a lot of eagerness and patience we dealt with the sunny but also the shady side of the island and learned a lot.

Thanks to the commitment and the great cooperation in the team, we were able to give a little bit of hope back to many people. We are incredibly grateful to the island and all the helpers for the great time.”

Statement from Sara:

“It’s hard to put into words what I think about this week of outreach. There were many emotional as well as exhausting moments. It was another successful mission. We were able to put a smile on many people’s faces and make many new networks/friendships. I can’t wait to experience Skyros in 2024.”

See you in 2024, Skyros we will be back!

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