Start Skyros 2018

Start Skyros 2018

Skyros 2018 · 12. October 2018

So fast the preparation time is over and already the day starts into implementation. At 13.58 the trip starts from Weinfeld train station with 12 optimistic, committed and motivated participants of this trip. Our flight takes off at 16.25 and everyone is happy. Arrived in Athens, we meet for dinner. The first impressions of the Greek culture are taken in, enjoyed and admired. To digest the Greek specialties we decide to visit the city a bit on foot. As it was a very long day we quickly go to bed to be fit for tomorrow.


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Omi Zürcher
14. October 2018 12:00:13

I am proud of my two grandchildren Carina and Michael to participate in it wish you much joy and fulfillment! Love to the other helpers and you two