The day before

The day before

Athens 2017 · 12. October 2017

Today we were all busy packing our personal belongings, as well as the donated material. Our suitcases are ready. We are all looking forward to the adventure and hope for an impressive, successful and enriching week. Maybe we are a drop in the bucket. But this does not stop us from reaching out to a few people and showing them that there are people who care about them, think about them and are willing to help them.

On behalf of the team we would like to thank again all donors and helpers. Thank you very much for your trust, interest, as well as for spreading the word and support of any kind. A big thank you also to Michaela (photo), who initiated the project and thus got the ball rolling.

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13. October 2017 12:00:40

Hey I wish you a good time in Greece and many beautiful moments!!! Would have loved to be there….!!!!!!